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What is Google's AlphaCode 2?

What is Purple Llama?

What is Pika Labs?

Can Perplexity Improve Search Experience with LLMs?

What is Kyutai?

Airbnb acquires AI startup GamePlanner.AI

OpenAI DevDay Highlights

Databricks Acquires data startup Arcion for $100 million

Recent Layoffs Suggest Coders are being Replaced by AI

Why Microsoft's GitHub Copilot is Deeply Unprofitable

Anyscale Launches Endpoints Fine-Tuning

Surveillance Capitalism has a New GenAI Branding and Coat of Paint 🎨

Zoom Docs launches in 2024 with built-in AI collaboration features

Breaking down Databricks $500 Million Funding Raise

Unpacking Google's Antitrust Case

Keep it up Series: Data and Machine Learning Newsletters

Deci Launches DeciCoder to Augment Code Development with Generative AI

Is OpenAI going to go Bankrupt?

Stack Overflow's Uncertain Fate and Overflow AI

Llama-v2 is open source, with a license that authorizes commercial use!

No Coders in 5 Years Says Emad Mostaque CEO of Stability A.I.

Databricks acquires AI startup MosaicML in $1.3 billion deal

My favorite Voice Cloning Startup just got more Funding

🎶 What is MusicGen?

What is Meta's CodeCompose?

Most Interesting Insights from Microsoft Build 2023

ChatGPT in your Pocket

What is StarCoder?

What is ChatGPT Code Interpreter?

What is Mojo Programming Language?

World Economic Forum A.I. on Future of Jobs Report

Coders: Will A.I. Take your Job?

Top Data Engineering Newsletters on Substack

What is Google's Sec-PaLM?

How to connect ChatGPT and ElasticSearch?

Amazon Announces Bedrock

What is Dolly 2.0 by Databricks?

Microsoft thinks Cybersecurity is a job for GPT-4

Google Has No Chance but to Embed Bard into Search

What is GitHub Copilot X

Google Launches Bard

Will GPT-4 Lead to AGI or Dystopia?

The Future of Data Empowerment, No Code and Data Engineering

Hugging Face and AWS Partner

How Doximity and Roblox Are Rolling Out GPT Products.

GitHub Copilot For Business Update

🤖 Will Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT be a Big Deal?

China's Search Engine Baidu will also Launch a ChatGPT Rival in March

Microsoft and OpenAI do the Expected Officially

What is a Site Reliability Engineer SRE?

Who Banned ChatGPT lately?

OpenAI now thinks it's worth $30 Billion

🔎 Breaking: Bing will have ChatGPT Soon!

When will Databricks go Public IPO?