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Midjourney's Incredible Copying of Images

What is InstructGPT? Why it Matters

The Buzz of Generative A.I. Heading into 2023

What is ChatSonic the ChatGPT Alternative?

GitHub Copilot for Business is Twice the Price

Top ChatGPT Tweets about Engineering Projects

What is Perplexity AI?

PyTorch 2.0 Release

ChatGPT: First Impressions

What are LLMs?

How is Stable Diffusion 2.0 Better?

How Big will GPT-4 Be?

Is Generative A.I. a New Paradigm?

What Software devs are Saying?

Does Voice Prompting Code Generation Have a Future?

The Data Scientist vs. the Data Engineer?

What is ETL in Data Engineer Terms?

What is Platform Engineering

Generative AI for Tools and Code

What are Graph Neural Networks?

The Recognition of DevOps Burnout and Solutions

What is Software 3.0?

What is the Modern Data Stack?

Who are Candidates for the All-In-One Data Stack of the Future Platforms?

The Next Phase of the Remote Work Boom

Will Snowflake and Databricks Become More than what they are today?

Open AI's Whisper is a Precursor to GPT-4

TypeScript overtakes JavaScript

Privacy Alert: Browser Spell Checker Sending Passwords

Meta is spinning off the PyTorch framework into its own AI research foundation 🎈🌍

GitHub Copilot Claims to make Developers 1.55x more Productive πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸš€

AI won an Art Contest and Artists are Pissed

Can Stable Diffusion Disrupt Dalle2? πŸ–ΌοΈ

What are the Greenest Programing Languages?πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Can Hugging Face Become an Ed-Tech Company for AI? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

What is PyG?

TikTok Adds AI Image Generator

What is Meta's BlenderBot 3?

Hugging Face Course on applying Transformers in *industrial settings* πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

MLops vs. DevOps

Is 'A.I for Good' a valid aim for software developers?

Meta developers will focus on

Google Carbon Wants to be the Successor of C++

Chinese scientists debunk Google Quantum Supremacy Claims

Artificial Intelligence Uncovers Alternative Physics

The Substack for DALL-E Prompts has Arrived

OpenAI with DALL-E 2 Will Disrupt Artists, Designers, Photographers and Others

Top Software Programming Languages

DALLΒ·E now available in beta

Hugging Face and BigScience's AI Language are Breaking Down Barriers for Democratization of AI

Y-Combinator Begins "Launch YC"

Meta AI's Incredible early-stage AI translation tool

Introduction to Data Science Learning Center

Yann LeCun's Paper on creating autonomous machines

Junior employees more likely to fail in remote

A.I. that Autocompletes Code

Microsoft GitHub's AI-powered Copilot Launches for $10 a Month

PyTorch on the Cusp of Disrupting TensorFlow

Big American Firms Remain Anti-WFH

Cohere For AI

Microsoft is Trying to Dig into Hugging Face's Newfound Popularity

Microsoft GitHub is Sunsetting Atom

Why DuckDuckGo Is No Longer Really Private

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Frontier Supercomputer Now Fastest

The 'Great Trimming' for Tech Startups Has Begun

Are Tech Layoffs Accelerating?

What is Amalgamated Learning?

How Much Better is Imagen to DALL-E 2?

Gato as a Precursor to Sub Human Artificial general Intelligence

Python Will Literally Get Faster Soon

The Great Resignation Hang-Over

Salaries for Tech and Software Engineers are Booming in 2022

Humanoid Robots with Facial Sentiment Reading are Close

Something Weird is Going on at Databricks

Are Software Engineers Becoming More Productive?

Top 10 Creators to Follow on LinkedIn Who Cover Datascience in 2022

What is Qiskit?

What are Graph Neural Networks?

Top Datascience Visualization Tools of 2022

How do Transformers Work in NLP? A Guide to the Latest State-of-the-Art Models

Does Microsoft Have a DeepFake Problem?

What is Making Friends with Machine Learning?

Does Canada Have a Labor Talent Problem in Tech?

What is the Best Software Language to Learn at a Bootcamp?

Nvidia's AI Chip is for Real

Are Open-Source Developers Burning Out?

Programming languages: Go just received its biggest update ever - why Learn Go in 2022?

Is Google Search Really Dying?

Software Engineering and Programming Trends 2022

Programming Languages Most in Demand Right Now (March, 2022)

Diversity in Data Science in 2022?

A Glimpse into the Future of DeFi

Developer Job Trends and Market in 2022

What is TorchRec?

The 4-day Hybrid Work Model is the Future

Why Should you Learn Rust?

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Survey

This Moment in Artificial Intelligence

Is Rust the Programming Language of Web3?

What is the Future of Code?

Top Skills for Data Scientists in 2022

The Skills That Give Young People an Interest in Coding

2022 Is the Year of Compensation in Technology and Wage Gains

What does a Datascience Engineer Do?

Which Programming Language will see the Biggest Jump in usage for 2022?

What are MLOps?

What is ARM Morello Project?

What is DeepSpeed?

Trends in the Future of Work in 2022

The Future of Work in a Remote Work Environment

Technology, Programming and Datascience Trends of 2022

The State of Crypto Programming Ecosystems

Is Low-Code the Future of Programming?

Rust is the Programming Language of Web3